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Rodrigo Ampudia was born on October 3rd, 1984. Raised in the Baja California peninsula his involvement with off road racing started the day he was born. His Father, Rodrigo Ampudia Sr. raced the legendary SCORE Baja 500 and Baja 1000 since the 1980’s. Rodrigo started to drive at age of 14 in a limited buggy, entering his first local race that same year finishing second in his class and continuing to race locally for the next two years. His racing career was placed on hold for a couple of years because Rodrigo went to study abroad. In 2004 Rodrigo made a comeback racing in the SCORE Series in the challenging ½ 1600 class, his fathers coaching and family supported team landed Rodrigo on the Podium once in the San Felipe 250 a race that is considered to be the roughest terrain.

In 2005 his father Rodrigo Sr. bought a Pro Lite and raced some selected races, the following year Rodrigo Sr. gave his son the opportunity to drive the Pro-Lite that season. In his Pro-Lite debut Rodrigo finished 4th, and that same Rookie year he won the Crandon World Championship and proved himself to be a top contender winning the following day as well. Rodrigo Ampudia is the first Non-US team to win the championship and the second to win the race his Rookie season.

With multiple podium finishes and a couple of wins the Ampudia Family decided it was time to move up the ranks to the very competitive Pro-2 class for the 2008 season. That year was a double duty season racing the pro-lite for a championship and the Pro-2 goal was to finish every race to get more seat time and experience racing. That year on September 12th Rodrigo qualified 1st in both classes Pro-2 and Pro-lite, something that no one else had done before, but what made it very special was that day is his fathers birthday. As a father and son effort Rodrigo and his father raced the SCORE San Felipe 250, winning the race in Class 8.

In 2009 Rodrigo Ampudia raced the Lucas Oil Off Road Series, finishing strong with multiple podium finishes but never being able to finish first. Rodrigo Ampudia raced the SCORE Baja 500 winning in class 8 and SCORE Baja 1000 finishing 2nd.

The following 2010 season Rodrigo won his first race at the Miller Motorsports Park, a privilege that out of the 31 racers that competed that year only 4 of them share.

Rodrigo Ampudia has proved to be a top contender in Off Road Racing finishing the 2009 and 2010 season in 4th place in the point’s championship.

The Ampudia team is based out of Ensenada Baja California Mexico; and is run as a family business. With the Father Rodrigo Sr. taking care of all the logistics, Mother Paty takes care of all the merchandise and the authentic Mexican cooking the team is famous for. Rodrigo has two younger brothers that also play a key roll in the team, Aaron the youngest is the team videographer and Alan is the spotter in the hotpits.

When Rodrigo Ampudia is not racing you can find him in Baja working in the Family business Grupo Papas&Beer. He also has a personal trainer to compete in Triathlons setting his goal on Ironman events.